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 Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

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Eman and Kou

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PostSubject: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i   Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:45 am

Name: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

Age: 16

Village: Element if someone can create it and let me be kage. if not then i'll take leaf

Nicknames: Elemental Master Eman, Kou, Eman

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Kage of Element if elements denied then jonin


Clan: Kouseitan'i (going to post in the custom's

Family: Lark

Relationships: Dont have any yet


Elements: Fire and Wind

Special Characteristics: I use a special chakra seal called chakra restraints that increase your chakra, speed and strength over time (only useable by jonin and up)

Skills/Specialties: Nin and Tai-jutsu, Kenjutsu and the use of exploding kunai, also i have a high use of clones

Jutsu:(Uh i cant do this part for all of my jutsu so heres the link for that: http://narutogenx.forumotion.net/jutsu-registration-f5/eman-s-jutsu-t42.htm

Weapons: Diamond Edged katana and exploding kunai

History/backround Story: oh this is rediculous. kk i'm going to explain this. since my character doesn't remember much its not going to go in arcs. he's going to explain it in the way he can remember it.
kk the village hidden in the elements as it is now is not the same as the original for one reaon it was destroyed. 16 yrs ago before i was born my parents who were the sochikage and his wife. went to see a oracle to see if she could give them a prophecy on me and my older bro. She said there would be 2 sons and 2 sons only. One of us would be born on the day of the light (summer solstice that is his real bday) and the other on the day of the dark (winter solstice my real bday. i kno coincidence) One of us fighting for good while the other battles thru his life to decide which side to choose. Over the years we had grew and on our 13 bday our parents told us about the prophecy. We could notice subtle differences that showed at least sum points my hair skin and eyes were darker than his. all of my skills were for destruction while his were for creation. and on our 14th bday we met in mortal combat. over the course of the year i had started to become influenced by a man named Madara Uchiha, until i was nothing more than a pawn. He used me to kill my brother and when i killed him, he tried to kill me. But i injured him severly now i am cursed to walk the earth the rest of my days avenging my brother and ending the man who made me kill him. The reason i stayed from society after the ordeal was not only was it reported that i had destroyed my home village but that i'd destroy anything in my way to get wat i want. Which is highly unture but that is my story.

Rp Sample: ugh. do i have too?
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PostSubject: Re: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i   Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:12 am

Ok not making Element village ill make u jounin and ur history is fine


Anbu Medical Ninja.

This is my Anbu Mask:

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Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
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