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Genin (Special Apprentice)
Genin (Special Apprentice)

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PostSubject: TsugariUchiha   Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:12 am

Name:Tsugari Uchiha





Ninja Rank:Academy Student



Family:Adopted by Uchiha Mazuki

Relationships:None right now

Sensei or Student of:Lark

Personality:Caring and funny

Elements:Fire and Earth

Special Characteristics:Sharingan

Skills/Specialties:Ninjutsu and Medical Arts

Jutsu Name:Clone Technique,

Description:Creates a clone of the user

Weapons:None yet

History/backround Story:Tsugari"s parents were killed when he was a baby he was adopted by the hokage mazuki.He was raised as a shinobi.His father taught him very useful skills then one day he told him to join the academy of the shinobi and then he did so now he's a ninja!

Rp Sample:It was Early in the morning.Tsugari's father woke him up "get up i have something for you to do!"So Tsu got up and got dressed and went to the kitchen by his father"Yes?""I need you to run down to the market and get us some food for lunch!"So tsu ran to get his jacket and got it and ran out of the door and jumped on the roof and ran jumping from roof to roof and got to the market "Hey i need some meat!"The market owner looked at me "Sorry kid someone already orderded it so they're gonna send they're kid over here to get i- oh there he is hey you heres your meat"Then the "kid" said in a low voice "Thanks" and then he ran with the meat.The market man said "Hey kid you get that meat and it's all yours if you pay for it!"So tsu ran for the man and throw a wooden kunai at his leg with hit him in a nerve so he fell and tsu ran up to him and put his foot on his face"I'm Tsugari the hokages son i'm awesome!"So tsu ran back home and gave his father the meat and ran around the house.
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Uchiha Mazuki

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PostSubject: Re: TsugariUchiha   Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:27 am


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