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 Seyren Windsor

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Seyren Windsor

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PostSubject: Seyren Windsor   Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:44 am

Name: Seyren Windsor

Age: 13

Village: Leaf

Nicknames: -

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: Genin

Looks: Avatar

Clan: -

Family: -

Relationships: -

Sensei or Student of: -

Shy, Descrite, Sullen, Broken, blunt, impatient, alone, lost, confused - Most of the Time/Doesn't Know you Yet
Friendly, Hard-Working, Kind-Hearted, Shy, Confused, - Knows you Now/Works for You
Decietful, Cunning, Clever, Sly, Sullen, Blunt, Shy, Impatient - Knows you- Doesn't Like you.

Elements: N/A

Special Characteristics:

Vampire Half-Breed:
A Half Breed of a Vampire is very similar to a Pureblood. Half-Breeds are made when a Human breeds with a Vampire. A half Breed is only given One special trait, while PureBloods are given two. Half-Breeds still require Blood like a Normal vampire, however Half-Breeds cannot Turn people into vampires. Half-Breeds and Purebloods are also gifted with long life, and are affected by few things.

Vampiric Fangs:
These are still small at Seyren's young age. They protrude from the upper lip, used to bite a human to drink the human's blood.

Vampiric Eyes:
These are the Eyes of a Vampire. When Activated the eyes become a red Color, they cannot be activated manually, they take control when the Vampire senses a strong Desire or urge for Blood. Once Activated a vampires instincts take over, making them have a necessity to drink someones blood soon. However, this feeling can be surpassed if the Vampire is of strong will. The eyes will flicker from Red to Natural Color until the Vampire takes over, or the Person takes over. Some things that People don't know about Vampires, Vampires do need Food. Regular Human food is needed for the same reasons as a Human needs their food.

Vampiric Claws:
Once a Vampires Eyes are activated, the vampires fingernails extend to form a claw, and become very hard, almost unbreakable. It is used to slash at an Opponent.

Vampiric Trait(s):
A half Breed is allowed one special trait which is developed while they are young, at around age 17 the vampire can use their trait to a full extent. Seyrens Special Trait is Extreme Strength, this allows him to punch through walls or break bones in single strikes. This has a backlash however, if used for too long, the muscle's break down, leaving the Vampire Weakened.

Vampire Sealing:
This is a seal on the Side of Seyren's Neck which was placed upon him at a young age. This allows him to control his "Vampire" within better and more easily, allowing him to prolong the Vampire's ability to activate the eyes.

Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu/Weaponry


Basic Academy Jutsu's
Rank: E
Element: N/A
Description: Transformation, Clone Technique, Escape Technique,

Basic Genin Jutsu
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Description: Water Walking, Tree Climbing, Body Flicker,

Killing Slash
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Description: The user extends their claws into a person's Organal regions, instantly killing or knocking them out. This is done at Normal Speeds.

Blood Sucking Level 1
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: A vampire sucks on the targets blood for one post. It's a pleasing feeling to the Target. Blood is Addictive to a Vampire though, so they will try to get more.

Blood Sucking Level 2
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: A Vampire Sucks a targets blood for 2 Posts. It's a pleasing feeling to the Target. Blood is Addictive to a Vampire though, so they will try to get more. This Leaves the Target Dizzy for a short period of time.

Blood Sucking Level 3
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: A vampire sucks a targets blood for 3 or more posts. It is a pleasing feeling to the Target. Blood is Addictive to a vampire so they will try to get more. This leaves the Target Knocked Out for a Short Amount of Time.

Blood Sucking Level 4
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: A Vampire sucks a targets Blood for 6 or More posts. The Target can no longer feel anything. This leaves the Target Close to death.


A dagger with an unnaturally dark colored blade. Those who hold it instinctively sense the danger and risk of wielding this weapon. When a person is hit with this weapon, they suffer from temporary blindness, however, the user does as well if used to often.

Diamond Chain Link:
This is a small wrist-band which in its length has a single Diamond jewel. A single drop of Seyrens Blood is placed on this jewel. This jewel is extremely special, if this jewel touches his Vampire Seal, then Seyren will be unable to move at all. Besides his mouth and a little of his neck. He cannot activate this onto himself, meaning he should give it to someone he is close to.

History/background Story:

Seyren doesn't remember anything past the day he woke up in a cardboard box in an allyway. His age was maybe 6 at the time, he had some simple clothing on and a strange dagger, that when he asked someone was called the Ginnungagap. He walked the streets for some time, until he met a man who took him under his wing. The man's name was Nao, He never gave his last name. Seyren knew his name luckily when the man found him. Nao protected him for a strange reason, research perhaps. Seyren stayed there at Nao's house until he could no longer. Nao didn't know about his Vampiric Traits, so Seyren ran out of the home, taking some spare change he found laying around, a couple sets of clothing, and a single cardboard box. He ran until he reached an ally-way, it was small, dark, and L Shaped. Seyren set up his small Cardboard Box on inside of the corner.

Seyren now lives there, but he is often found on the streets of Konoha, begging for change or food, something to do. He doesn't know what he Truly is yet. All he knows is the day he woke up in Nao's house, small stubs of Fangs that were beginning to grow, he knew he would have to fend for himself. He quickly Discovered his hidden traits, finding out all he could about himself before venturing out into the world. He doesn't know what keeps him going, he is a kind person at heart, but his heart is corrupted by the need for blood. Being a Vampire has its upsides too, he doesn't get sick, nor does he need as much food as most people.

Rp Sample:
Walking down the ally at a normal place. Seyren's feet scuffled against the pavement. The sun was just beginning to sink from the sky. Seyren's stomach growled, i know... he told it, placing a hand on his stomach as he continued down the ally. Reaching his box he placed a hand on top of it. He knelt down, looking inside, nothing... he thought, digging through what little he had there, none.. he repeated. He crawled into the box, wrapping his arms around his legs and placing his chin atop his knees, and closed his eyes, trying not to think about food. A tapping was heard coming down the ally. He opened his eyes and leaned out of his box, looking down the ally both ways. No one was there, the tapping continued getting progressively louder, until a person came into view. Seyren looked at the man in fine clothing, walking down the ally like he was some kind of god. He had an urge to stick his foot out and trip the man, but didn't. Instead he held his hands out and looked up at the man. The man passed by without noticing a thing. Seyren let out a sigh, then climbed back into his box resuming his normal position, hungry night, once again.
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PostSubject: Re: Seyren Windsor   Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:49 am

Looks good to me, Just need to change your avatar to the picture of your character. Anyways, Approved.
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Seyren Windsor
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