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 The start of the end [ reds Rage]

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PostSubject: The start of the end [ reds Rage]   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:41 pm

It had been a while scince Red had letten the curse mark take over his body full his rage was expressed by his charka, flowing red he summoned 10 wolves and jumped on the back of one and road towards the village. With one swift action he destroyed the gate and went to the inside of the village insde he was met by 100's of ninja ranking from chunin to jonin he went into rage and changed into his wolf/human form and howled at that the wolves charged at the ninja ripping anything in their way in half then they hit them the blood went everywhere and once Red got a taste of it he went into frenzy killing anyone in sight. The first 20 nija were easy because they were caught off guard but once all his wolves were injured Red found it hard to hold them off so with one hand seal he realsed his hidden charka and wiped out the biggest theats at deadly speed tearing the throats out of anyone he found to be a threat to him then he stopped around him was a pool of blood body parts and body fuilds. With a gleam in his red eyes he decide to wipe out the entire village the attacked every house, buliding, apartment to it was razed to the ground he grabbed children ripping them in half, he mutalated men till the wifes could not bear to look any more after that he took the women and raped them over and over again to he was satisfied. This slaughter went on for 3 days raping killing and burning and when he was sure no one was left he took his favourite women and went onto the hill when up there he forced he to suck him off then banged her in the ass while looking over the dead village he was satisfied with what he had done.
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The start of the end [ reds Rage]
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