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 Okashii Namiikaze - Return of a god ^-^ [WiP]

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PostSubject: Okashii Namiikaze - Return of a god ^-^ [WiP]   Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:51 am

I didn't know if this is cool but i don't like my character and I figured you wouldn't care if I made a new as long as im active again.

Name: Okashii Namikaze

Age: 27

Village: Konohagakure

Nicknames: The Eighth Hokage The Next Yellow Flash

Gender: M

Ninja Rank: Ex-Hokage - Missing Ninja ( Believed to be dead)

He looks alot like his father, whom was the fourth Hokage.
Okashii is just an average looking person. His features may not be what a woman would call perfect but he can get a woman if he really wanted to. The only thing that is pretty strange about him is that he has blonde/yellow hair. That certainlly wasn't uncommon with the Namikaze clan though. Even if they weren't much of a clan they were still pretty well known because of Okashii and his faither. Okashii finds himself at an advantage because of it, he finds himself more unique then the rest of the Namikaze clan.

Okashii wears a big black robe with white attire underneath. He only takes off the robe when he is fighting someone worthy because the robes weight are about 100 pounds all together. Okashii wears them obviously for training methods in the hope to constantly increase his speed. It does, usually everytime he goes into battle with them on he increases his speed, sometimes a little and sometimes a whole lot.

He also wears a black Konohagakure headband on his head. He does this to symbolise that even though he has allies he really and trully severs no one. Another reason he wears this is to keep his hair in place while he battles. He still holds true to his village but he knows that he can never go back and face those people after putting them through the things that he did. He didn't want to see all those faces again. They thought he was dead. He may have not been a great Hokage, hell he was no where near as good as his father but he at least thought that the people there respected him. which was why he would never go back.

Clan: Namikaze - Clan of the fourth Hokage.
Clan - Namikaze
Symbol -

The Namikaze clan is usually tattoo'd on a members uper back.
Clan History- This was a clan that was founded by the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Meaning that it wasn't at all a huge clan and there were very few that actually had the kekkei genkai of it. However the select few that did would become almost unstopable. Especially those who could turn it up to the fourth's level. After The fourth Hokage died, the clan was destroyed because of what happened to the eldest son of the fourths Okashii Namikaze. When he was exiled from the village because the third considered him a threat to his ruling there was no one to take over the reast of the clan and it was basically screwed in that way. Okashii hoped that after he was forced to leave that the village would stoll making it untill he got back and then he could take over as leader and save them the rest of the hastle. Unfortunatly it wasn't. That was what turned him back basically into a monster like he used to be. Him leading akatsuki killed many people. He was even able to take down Konoha with his other members. After feeling the guilt and pain of the people he realised his purpose so he returned and helped rebuild. However, the rest of the Namikaze clan were dead. Now Okashii is one man in a clan of many others. This wasn't much of a problem for him, it wasn't like he really cared all that much. He still had a village to take care of. However having his son dissapear was a problem for him he knew that eventually he would have to get over it. To this day, Okashii believes he is the last Namikaze currently alive. He has yet to be proven wrong.
Kekkei Genkai -
Tengoku or Tenton is a kekkei genkai that allows the user to teleport through space and time and was first possesed by Namikaze probably as the result of the combination of the two bloods of the two parents of Namikaze. Tengoku has three known techniques. However Okashii developed more as time went on that he taught to no one. This was because Okashii didn't want anyone knowing his signature moves or its weaknesses. He didn't want it to be used against him in battle.

Family: (optional) (who is in your character's family)

His wife and child went missing along time ago, they are thought to be dead as well but the bodies were never found so it could never be confirmed for sure. Still, Okashii has accepted the fact that searching for them was not going to help him at that point because he began to believe that they passed on.

Okashii is a pretty nice person when I feels that other people around him deserve it. He is not known to hold grudges but is also known to have somewhat of a tempar. He has normal things that any human being should have. He is compassionate and understanding but most of all he is an all around nice and somewhat sensitive guy. He likes to have fun and joke around but when the time arrives that he is needed to be serious he can put aside all of the childish things and get it done.

On Missions he is usually always serious for he knows that at ny moment he may need to take a life or one of his team members lives could be taken which was something he typically liked to avoid. He sometimse likes to move spur of the moment and just loves to live life to the best possible way which is why he isnt a strick person, not to his students. When someone betrays him its as if he is a while diffrent person, he begins what everyone else calls it as the dark stage of Okashii.

He takes betrayel so seriously that if people ever do it to him he makes sure that he hunts them down and kills them. He isnt to nice to traitors as well, so when he sees a missing ninja unless he likes them alot then he is typically extremly hostile. He will most likley kill on site. He has the upmost respect for his supriors which is pretty much only the Hokage. He never plans to betray anyone, because he is already pretty lonley in life. He is just looking for the right woman.

Elements: Fire, Wind.

Special Characteristics: (different colored chakra, seals, etc)

Skills/Specialties: (pick a main and sub out of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu (sealing jutsu), Weaponary, Puppetry, or Medical Arts)


History/backround Story: (tell your character's history. please give detail The higher rank your character is the longer it must be. Also break down the story into arcs. Starting with your life before becoming an Academy student then moving up to your current rank.)
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Okashii Namiikaze - Return of a god ^-^ [WiP]
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